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How do you make the processes in your company as efficient as possible? You use Lean, a working method that creates maximum added value for the customer with the least possible effort.

But what happens after a Lean training course? That’s the moment when the change procedure must be carried forward, but this is difficult in practice because only a few people have the requisite knowledge and responsibility.
Working closely with LCG and our partner TinQwise, we jointly developed the LCG Connector: an online social learning environment in which employees can learn and work together. A place where all employees can tap into Lean, and not just a select group that passes on the knowledge in the organisation. With knowledge and insights that can be applied directly to the company's day-to-day activities.



The LCG Connector is full of short learning bites. Teams use it to learn about the Lean method in bite-sized chunks of 10 to 15 minutes. They then apply that knowledge in the experiments in the Lean Lab. Step by step, they learn how to apply the contents in practice. The LCG Connector gives all the tips & tricks, templates and materials that are needed for a successful experiment. 


More Social

The LCG Connector stimulates team effort, but also social learning. Not just in the experiments that colleagues do with and for each other, but also in the Social Activity Feed. On this social timeline, colleagues are closer than you think and can help each other whenever a problem arises. But the timeline is also there to help people share successes and learned lessons with each other. Because you make Lean successful together.


Continous Improvement

With the LCG Connector, not just the management, but the entire organisation is trained in the Lean mindset, tools and techniques. So that the improvement process continues even when the face-to-face training courses have ended. The platform challenges employees to use Lean and makes success stories available to everybody. This way, the LCG Connector has an impact on all layers of the organisation – and also on the customer, of course.

For more information, go to LCG connector or contact us. 

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