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YoungCapital is the ideal online recruitment specialist for young talent. Every month, 5,000 agency workers start at YoungCapital, plus another 50 of its own new employees.

How do you make sure that all these people can start working as soon as possible and breathe the YoungCapital brand?

Working closely with YoungCapital and our partner TinQwise, we launched a new personalised onboarding procedure, where agency workers and employees are trained by "Job", their new virtual colleague.



When designing learning solutions, at we always focus on the target audience first. In this case they are all digital natives, people who do everything digitally and prefer communication to be short and to the point.

Virtual colleague Job responds to that target group accordingly. Even before your first day at work at YoungCapital, Job contacts you on your smartphone. In a chat, Job congratulates you on your new job, asks questions that you can answer and shares videos with information about all kinds of practical matters


More social 

It is also important that you feel connected to other employees. This makes collaboration much easier and more fun. Job brings you in contact with other people who have just started at the company. Both online and offline. During your onboarding, there are several YoungCapital experience days during which all new recruiters come together to, for example in classroom training, learn how to write a job vacancy as a real pro. This blended type of learning means that the onboarding is very diverse and effective. 


You decide when you learn

The online onboarding platform consists of 120 minutes of content. This is divided into quick bites that Job shares with you in the chat. You decide when you learn. You can contact Job when you’re waiting for the bus, for example. The quick bites take around 5 minutes. As soon as the bus arrives, you can easily skip an item. That item is then added to your to-do list. You can always use the menu to check out the subject again later.

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